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Posted on 07 March 2017 by Srinivas Nelakuditi

Oozie Job Scheduling for Hive using Coordinator and Workflow

Let us create a Coordinator Job for Oozie.

The job will run a Hive script at every 5 minute interval.

Create a file job.properties


script_name_external = ${nameNode}/user/${userName}/hive_scripts/external.hive



Create a file workflow.xml

<workflow-app xmlns = “uri:oozie:workflow:0.4” name = “simple-Workflow”>
<start to = “Create_External_Table” />
<action name = “Create_External_Table”>
<hive xmlns = “uri:oozie:hive-action:0.4”>
<ok to = “end” />
<error to = “kill_job” />

<kill name = “kill_job”>
<message>Job failed</message>
<end name = “end” />

Create a file coordinator.xml file


 <coordinator-app xmlns="uri:oozie:coordinator:0.2" name="create_table_hive" 
frequency="5 * * * *" start="2017-02-01T08:00Z" 
end ="2027-02-01T08:00Z" timezone="America/Los_Angeles">


Create a file called external.hive

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS dev_stg.external_table(
   name string,
   age int,
   address string,
   zip int
row format delimited
fields terminated by ','
stored as textfile;
  • Save the file job.properties in /home/srinivas in your linux home folder
  • Save the file coordinator.xml in /user/srinivas in hdfs folder using hdfs fs -put coordinator.xml /user/srinivas
  • Save the file workflow.xml in /user/srinivas in hdfs folder using hdfs fs -put workflow.xml /user/srinivas
  • Save the file external.hive in /user/srinivas in hdfs folder using hdfs fs -put external.hive /user/srinivas

    Run the command to submit the job for scheduling:

oozie job -oozie http://ip-10-74-66-190.vulab.com:11000/oozie/ -config /home/srinivas/job.properties -D oozie.coord.application.path=hdfs://ip-10-74-66-159.vulab.com:8020/user/srinivas/coordinator.xml -run

To check the status of the job:

To kill a job you can use.
oozie job -oozie http://ip-10-74-66-190.vulab.com:11000/oozie/ -kill 0000020-170307022626285-oozie-oozi-C




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