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    Course Summary

    • Java is the leading programming language in the world today and will remain the dominant player for the next 20 years. This course will teach you fundamentals of java programming language with hands-on live training, exercises and projects.

      This course will teach you skills to complete Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer Certification or OCPJP Certification. This course was previously called Sun Certifided Java Programmer Certification or SCJP Training Course.

      This course will get you ready for a career in java programming. You can also immediately take Oracle Java Certification. Hundred's of developers who completed this course also took our android training courses and have become android developers. Android uses the same java syntax for writing android programming.

      Note: Course content has been updated to meet the requirements of Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer Certification or OCPJP Certification.


    Course Duration

    • Duration of Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer SE 7 is three weeks.

      This course was previously known as Sun Certified Java Programmer Certification (SCJP). Vulab has successfully trained and helped hundreds of developers in Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP).

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    Course Objectives

    • Virtual University Lab's Sun Certified Java Programmer Certification (SCJP) teaches the fundamentals of the latest Java 2 Platform 7 or Java Development Kit 7 (JDK7) Programming Language, with a focus on preparation for the Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 7 Programmer (1Z0-804) certification exam. This 3 week hands-on training program will train you the fundamentals of the Java programming language, and build on these concepts through effective, real-world skill building.  

      • Learn the concepts of Object Oriented Programming
      • Learn the concepts of Write Once Run Anywhere java programming
      • Learn the concepts of Java Virtual Machine architecture and garbage collection process
      • Create Java technology applications that leverage the object-oriented features of the Java language, such as encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism
      • Learn setting up java project in Eclipse IDE and manage library dependencies.
      • Use Java data-types and expressions
      • Use Java flow control constructs
      • Use arrays and other data collections including generics
      • Implement error-handling techniques using exception handling
      • Write multi-threaded applications
      • Utilize the package classes for file and object IO
      • Correctly package and deploy Java applications


    Additional Notes

    • All the software required for this training course will be provided by Vulab.
      Vulab provides mock exams to practice for the real test.

      Eclipse IDE will be used as the IDE.
      You will learn this course using Jave or JDK version 7.

      You can attend Oracle Certified Professional Java Programming 7 (OCPJP) certification with the knowledge of this course. The course id for this course is 1Z0-804. runs on java. is using Java 7, Spring, Spring Security JPA with Hibernate, Web Services, Java Messaging Service, jQuery, Direct Web Remoting. Vulab also provides consulting services for fortune 100 corporations.


    Who can attend this course?

    • This course does not require any prior programming knowledge. If you are interested in learning to program in java you can enroll in this course.

      Any novice programmer will become a professional programmer in java programming with our hands-on training, exercises and projects. With this program you will be able to attend the Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 7 Programmer (1Z0-804) certification exam.


    Course Outline

    • Java Class Design

      •     Use access modifiers: private, protected, and public
      •     Override methods
      •     Overload constructors and other methods appropriately
      •     Use the instanceof operator and casting
      •     Use virtual method invocation
      •     Override methods from the Object class to i mprove the functionality of your class
      •     Use package and import statements

      Advanced Class Design

      •     Identify when and how to apply abstract classes
      •     Construct abstract Java classes and subclasses
      •     Use the static and final keywords
      •     Create top-level and nested classes
      •     Use enumerated types

      Object-Oriented Design Principles

      •     Write code that declares, implements and/or extends interfaces
      •     Choose between interface inheritance and class inheritance
      •     Develop code that implements "is-a" and/or "has-a" relationships
      •     Apply object composition principles
      •     Design a class using the Singleton design pattern
      •     Write code to implement the DAO pattern
      •     Design and create objects using a factory, and use factories from the API

      Generics and Collections

      •     Create a generic class
      •     Use the diamond syntax to create a collection
      •     Analyze the interoperability of collections that use raw type and generic types
      •     Use wrapper classes and autoboxing
      •     Create and use a List, a Set and a Deque
      •     Create and use a Map
      •     Use java.util.Comparator and java.lang.Comparable
      •     Sort and search arrays and lists

      String Processing

      •     Search, parse and build strings
      •     Search, parse, and replace strings by using regular expressions, using expression patterns for matching limited to: . (dot), * (star), + (plus), ?, \d, \D, \s, \S, \w, \W, \b. \B, [], ().
      •     Format strings using the formatting parameters: %b, %c, %d, %f, and %s in format strings.

      Exceptions and Assertions

      •     Use throw and throws statements
      •     Use the try statement with multi-catch, and finally clauses
      •     Autoclose resources with a try-with-resources statement
      •     Create custom exceptions
      •     Test invariants by using assertions

      Java I/O Fundamentals

      •     Read and write data from the console
      •     Use streams to read and write files

      Java File I/O (NIO.2)

      •     Use the Path class to operate on file and directory paths
      •     Use the Files class to check, delete, copy, or move a file or directory
      •     Read and change file and directory attributes
      •     Recursively access a directory tree
      •     Find a file by using the PathMatcher class
      •     Watch a directory for changes by using WatchService

      Building Database Applications with JDBC

      •     Define the layout of the JDBC API
      •     Connect to a database by using a JDBC driver
      •     Update and query a database
      •     Customize the transaction behavior of JDBC and commit transactions
      •     Use the JDBC 4.1 RowSetProvider, RowSetFactory, and RowSet interfaces


      •     Create and use the Thread class and the Runnable interface
      •     Manage and control thread lifecycle
      •     Synchronize thread access to shared data
      •     Identify potential threading problems


      •     Use java.util.concurrent collections
      •     Apply atomic variables and locks
      •     Use Executors and ThreadPools
      •     Use the parallel Fork/Join Framework


      •     Read and set the locale by using the Locale object
      •     Build a resource bundle for each local
      •     Load a resource bundle in an application
      •     Format text for localization by using NumberFormat and DateFormat


    Course Testimonials

      • Online delivery rocks. -Ebay Inc.
      • Virtual class room of Vulab has allowed our employees to attend the training from any location. -Rigus Inc.
      • I got my break into IT industry with Vulab. -Jawahar.
      • After my Spring Hibernate training from Vulab, I have become very productive at my work and was able to execute projects at faster pace and stable code base. - Manager at Cisco

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    • All registered student's can attend the live sessions and have free access to videos during training. Vulab provides every student with access to our fantastic student tool TrainingramTM. Student's can attend the live session with live instructor and ask any questions. They can also review the class by viewing the same session in HD format using TrainingramTM. Student's can access the course resources at any time from any device. TrainingramTM supports your Apple Iphone or Apple Ipad or any other mobile device or PC.

      • Access student projects online using TrainingramTM from your pc or tablet.
      • Access class notes in PDF format using TrainingramTM
      • Access Course Videos and Prerequisite videos online using TrainingramTM
      • Ask any question to your instructor using Forum

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    • Every student will have access to Forum specially dedicated for the service of Vulab Student's. A student can post questions to the forum as well as browser the questions and answers posted by other students.


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    • Java is a trademark of Oracle Corporation.

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